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Pictured above is the original Dash Band:  Dave Matthews (UK) on guitar; Pete McConnell (USA) on drums; Aaron Kraft (USA) on bass and vocalist Jimmy Dash (Ireland). Guest musician Woody Wu (Beijing) is playing on harmonica.

The Original Dash Band was formed in 2008 and since that time some of the original members have moved on to other projects... and from time to time guest musicians will join the remaining original members and we may play under the Dash Clan Band moniker. Also, since the original band formation we have created two additional bands; the Boxty Rebellion and the Red Cadillacs (see below) to satisfy the continually expanding creative energy.

The Dash Band covers Irish folk (traditional and great pub songs), American country and great blues from artists such as BB King, ZZ Top, Ray Charles, Jesse Fuller, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, Otis Redding, Hank Williams, Dire Straits, Jimi Hendrix, Wilson Pickett, Steve Earle, Willy Nelson, Lou Reed and more. The band also has a full repertoire of jazz standards, chill jazz, Latin jazz and Django Reinhardt Gypsy jazz!  Dash Band musician members are constantly expanding and rotating and so we play under several monikers (depending on musicians on stage and music genre) such as Red Cadillacs (Blues and Jazz), Boxty Rebellion (Celtic folk) and Chili Dango for jazz. We are an award winning band and we are the holder of  First Prize in the 2009 Suzhou Battle of the Bands! The band (under the Boxty Rebellion moniker) completed a successful tour in South Korea in 2014.

Please call Perth Australia +61-449-711-257 or +86-1377-179-8600 for availability and additional information.

Boxty Rebellion Celtic Band
The Red Cadillacs Blues Band

Phone +86-13771798600 for more information

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