The Dash Band
Dash Clan - 2011 Concert In The Park

Boxty Union - Traditional Irish Songs

Renamed Boxty Rebellion in 2012

Sinead O'Connor in Suzhou 2010.07.17

Huo Li Island Amphitheater Suzhou...       Joe, Sinead, Jimmy D... a few beers after the show...      Sinead on the Big Screen...

The Dash Band:


               Jimmy Dash                       Pete McConnell                     Dave Matthews                     Aaron Kraft
           Vocalist / Kazooist                           Drummer                             Lead Guitarist                       Bass Guitarist 

Dash Clan

               Jimmy Dash                           Dave Matthews                       Andy Keane                           Daniel Tibbs
 And Other Guest Performers:

Aaron Krajeski                Woodie Wu             Mike Swenson               Mark Osinski                  Toni Li               Sean Weatherall
Piano / Bass             Guitar / Harmonica      Drums / Vocalist           Guitar / Vocalist             Drummer             Guitar / Vocalist

Turner Sparks              Chris Rogers              Claudio Curro               Danial Mist                Bob Gordon             Edgardo Bueno
Drummer                      Guitar                     Harmonica              Guitar / Vocalist            Bass Guitar                Bass Guitar

Sal Javelina                   Eric Waters                 Jasmine Colt              Gaston Blue               Mark Kandl           Jorg Rindermann
Drummer                       Bass Guitar                    Vocalist                 Piano / Vocalist            Bass Guitar          Keyboard / Vocals

Rich Moreton            Sebastian Recayte            Slim Sim                      Linda Jo                  John Hootie               Sean Zhou
Guitarist                     Bass Guitar            Guitarist / Vocalist              Vocalist                    Drummer                  Drummer

Lucio Geraldo              Paul Perversi          Jared Schultze             Belly dancers...          Violinists...             You name it...
Sax / Guitar                 Bass Guitar           Classical Piano                                                                           We've got it...

We wish to thank all the above performers for their contribution to The Dash Band as without their contribution, we would not have the band that we have today!
           LOFT Bar at 28 Baita Dong Lu                             Mural at the LOFT              Dash Clan - Joe, Marianne, Dave and Jimmy
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